25 Mei 2007

Sikka, Landscape

Sikka is one of 16 district in NTT-Indonesia, it's located on eastern of Florest Island. the capital of Sikka district is Maumere, you can reach it by plane (Merpati) from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, or Kupang (Trans Nusa & Merpati) directly everyday. Sikka has 11 subdistrict dispersed in the mainland and its small islands.

Egon view from Talibura beach

cross road over the hilly land in Bu Watuweti-Paga

Beautiful sunset on Pulau Besar, a view from Wailamung-Talibura

a green view of the road to Mbay in rainy season

a burned grass, 'Tanjung' -Maumere in dry season

cool water river, Gera-Mego

Statue of 'Bunda Maria', Nilo-Nita

the highland village, Poma-Paga

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